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Sentinel 522 Odor Destroyer Block is a convenient semisolid product which can be used in a variety of spaces to remove unwanted odors. Sentinel 522 Odor Destroyer Block is a versatile product that can be used prior to starting a bad smelling restoration job, during work or leave it behind after work has been completed to continue to block and destroy odors.522OB/24-1Sentinel 522OB Odor Destroyer Block 1 Lb
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Sentinel 576 Enzyme Cleaner/Odor Eliminator is a powerful biological cleaner and odor eliminator. The multiple complex enzymes in Sentinel 576 breakdown organic molecules commonly found on restoration projects such as blood, urine, feces, vomit, soda, wine, inks, alcohol, coffee, juices, and burnt food soils.  Sentinel 576 can also be used as a cleaner and odor control product for Category 2 and Category 3 water losses. Sentinel 576 is a ready-to-use product free of fragrances576/6-QTSentinel 576 Multi - Surface Spot Cleaner Qt
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